Hey Everyone! My name is Chuck Collins and I’m a Cartoonist/Illustrator based in NYC. Its been a life long dream of mine to make comics and animation for a living. I’ve worked professionally for various animation studios throughout the city over the past decade or so. But my real passion and goal is to put out my own work at the best quality i can produce. For years

I’ve worked as a bouncer in the city and it’s had its good times and head aches…. lots of head aches. Most of those head aches turned into stories and I slapped some comedy on to it and made my web comic BOUNCE! I’ve been doing it for two years and I’ve never been happier producing art.

Welcome the the world of The Bouncer and his childhood friend Yemaya, two sci-fi and movie geek bouncers that deal with New York’s craziest bar patrons. This webcomic tackles everything from politics to relationships all through a satirical, blerd, New York lens. Winner of three 2016 GLYPH Awards including Best Webcomic, Fan Award for Best Work and the Rising Star Award.